This little piggy finds his forever home

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By Jennifer Hafer | Photography by Samantha Shal

Christine Gibson has spent her adult life finding homes for any creature who found itself in need, including the occasional sugar glider, a small marsupial in the same general family as a kangaroo or koala bear. (Google it; you’ll be glad you did!)

But there is a special trio at Any Animal Rescue that has found their forever homes with Gibson and her family, which includes husband Ed and 14-month-old son Avery.

“So many animals get dumped, and when you’re able to help them find a home it’s just a fantastic feeling,” she said. “I have personally done over 4,000 placements.”

Including Walter, a 5-year-old pot-bellied hybrid pig. Walter came to Gibson a couple of years ago because his previous owner lived in a city and could no longer care for him. The adoption process was tough, Gibson said, because some potential adopters wanted to eat him.

“I had always wanted a pig, but I can’t fathom paying for animals when there are so many that need homes,” the former vet tech said. “Walter is better than most of the dogs I pet sit. He doesn’t potty in the house, he sits, turns around and rolls over and jumps up all for a treat. He is a fantastic creature who stole my heart.”

Despite those heady feelings, recently Gibson thought she’d found just the right home for Walter. But, following a home visit, it was determined Walter would return with Gibson to her Canton home.

“I cried when he left,” Gibson said. “You can’t imagine how happy I was he came back.”
But, Walter wasn’t alone. There was another pig, 11-month-old Wilma.

“So, we adopted one out and came back with two,” Gibson said. “Wilma’s really just Walter’s pet!”

Rounding out the trio is 2-year-old Hermione, a black and white bunny with a torn right ear and blue eyes. The lady who found Hermione said she found the baby bunny in a dog’s mouth. At only about a week-and-a-half old, Hermione fit in the palm of Gibson’s hand and had to be bottled fed every four hours for the first week.

“Rabbits are one of my favorite animals, and they are smarter than people think they are,” she said. “Hermione has a super sweet personality and loves to be held and loved on. She’s very dog-like and comes for a treat and will jump in your hands for affection.”

What tricks will Walter the pig do for a treat?

Check out the video @cobblifemagazine captured to find out!


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