STYLE: Love of fashion spans generations

Mothers and daughters enjoy a special bond that allows them to share many traits, preferences and tastes, and nowhere is that more evident than in how they dress.

written by Rebecca Johnston
photography by Erin Gray Cantrell

Kandace Walker-Bunda, of Canton, says her mother Sherrie Walker Cloud passed on her sense of style to her daughters, but Kandace took that heritage and made it her own.

“I feel I always wanted to look different, to look outside of what was the norm,” Walker-Bunda said. “When I went to college everyone in the fashion program where I attended wanted to stand out.”

Walker-Bunda, who along with her husband Rob Walker-Bunda owns Bunker Design Collaborative in Canton, attended the Savannah College of Art and Design where she earned a master’s degree in architecture.

“I think enjoying fashion goes hand in hand with having a design eye — fashion and form,” said Walker-Bunda, who said she is drawn to neutrals and enjoys mixing and matching styles and looks.

Now that she is a mother herself, she thinks through what she wears a little differently, she said. Kandace and her husband have two sons, Atlas, 4 and Indy, 1.

“These days I try to be hip, but more conservative. I question more if styles are appropriate,” she said.

When Kandace’s mother is asked where she gets her sense of style, Cloud says it is her daughters who inspire her to stay current and young in her dress, but that her own mother also influenced her.

“Maybe I try to be like Kandace — it is my daughters who keep me young,” Cloud said. “Mostly I like to be casual and comfortable, but I do like to dress up my outfits with costume jewelry and accessories.”

Cloud said her mother was a hairdresser and her other daughter, Kara Walker Christian, is also a hair stylist.

“I probably got the love of style from my mother; I grew up looking at the fashion magazines in my mother’s beauty salon,” Cloud said.

Both mother and daughter slip easily into the styles at B.loved women’s clothing and home decor store on East Main Street in historic downtown Canton.

Owner Mandy Spell fills the space of her store with Bohemian, casual styles that are both fashionable and exciting as well as comfortable and loose fitting. The store also offers pocketbooks, shoes and fashion jewelry to complete the look.

Spell says she caters to moms from about age 22 to 50 with a broad selection of jeans and tops, airy cotton knits perfect for hot summers, and sandals and boots available year-round. Simple, earth-tone natural fabrics drape in wraps and shine in casual sundresses of all lengths and styles.

In addition to the popular B.loved, Spell is opening B.little around the corner from her shop in the historic Galt-Grant building. The new addition will cater to girls from infant to tween.

B. loved is at 191 E. Main St., Canton. For information visit

Fashion Cupcake is a women’s and tween clothing boutique that was started by a former NFL cheerleader. Owner Amanda Topper brings a tasteful twist to the traditional clothing store with monogrammed items, shoes, belts, and jewelry, as well as great-looking clothing.

The shop also has clothing for toddlers and young girls, as well as gift idea and candles.
The boutique has a website where customers can shop from the comfort of their home. The website features a blog and a get-the-look guide.

Located at 8670 Main St., Suite 3, Woodstock, the shop can be found online at

Katie Garrison and daughter Harper, 4, are perfect models for the looks at Fashion Cupcake.

Katie, the wife of Erick Garrison, teaches third grade at Free Home Elementary, which she says is “definitely a little piece of heaven for sure.”

Harper, the couple’s only child, attends the Carpenter Shop Preschool.

“We live in the Clayton Community and I have lived there my entire life. We re-modeled my grandparents’ house so we moved across the street from my childhood home,” Katie said.

Her mother, Charlotte Sparks, inspired her with her fashion sense starting at an early age.

“Starting from a young age we always went shopping together. I remember always being dressed to a ‘T’ with big bows and matching socks. She always told me that I could do anything I set my mind to and when you look and feel your best that is just icing on the cake,” Katie said.

Erin Thomas, daughter, Bailee Thomas and mom Teresa Clark are carrying on the family tradition of a great sense of style in easy, comfortable clothes that are a breeze to dress up or down. Erin is a stay-at-home mom with Bailee, 14, a Creekland Middle School student, and son Brayden, 11. She enjoys wearing casual, traditional clothes like those found at Fashion Cupcake. Erin and her family, including husband Jimmy Thomas, live in Ball Ground.

When asked how her mother influenced her fashion sense, Erin said they “still to this day borrow each other’s clothes.”

“She gets tired of things and passes them to me, and vice versa. Bailee is the same way, and comes to my closet and gets my clothes. We are in that phase right now and I am happy that she likes to wear my clothes,” Erin said.

What a Girl Wants clothing boutique in Canton is owned by Lisa Castleberry, and offers boutique clothing and jewelry for women and young girls. Young, trendy, fashions for teens and women up to and into the 50s are the cornerstone of the shop. What a Girl Wants started the children’s line in the March and have many moms and daughters who enjoy shopping for the latest fashions at the store, offered at affordable prices.

Castleberry’s daughters, Jessie Cheshire and Janice Perkins, of Canton, help their mother stock and run the boutique. Located in the Riverstone Shopping Plaza, information can be found on the Facebook page for What a Girls Wants.

Jamie Bobo and her daughters, Maggie, 10, and Brooke, 14, enjoy sporting looks such as those available at What a Girl Wants.

Jamie said she and her girls enjoy the latest fashion trends and are attracted to styles with a casual vide. Jamie is a former teacher who last year published a book, “The Birthday Candle.” Married to Corey Bobo, she enjoys being a stay-at-home mom.

The family lives in the Avery community in east Cherokee County. Maggie attends Avery Elementary and Brooke is a student at Creekland Middle School.
Jamie said her mom, Benay Eubanks has always helped out in making sure her daughters were well-dressed in the latest fashions.


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